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    Venus, an adorable Chimera cat from North Carolina, has a striking two-toned face and different colored eyes

    beautiful kitty!

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That is the opening of a portal to another dimension and you cannot tell me otherwise


    That is the opening of a portal to another dimension and you cannot tell me otherwise

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    walk through hell // say anything

    and they hunt you
    and they gut you
    and you give in

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  5. The Most Dangerous Threats To Your Pets At Home




    If you have a pet, or planning to have one, you better fucking read this first.

    Read on: The Most Dangerous Threats To Your Pets At Home

    PSA. Read this guys. Important stuff.

    Just a massive FYI - over the counter/store bought flea treatment is not only possibly lethal to the wrong animal but also doesn’t work. There’s a reason it’s cheap…
    Cat fleas and dog fleas are actually completely different - cats can’t get dog fleas but dogs can get cat fleas and ugh it’s like complicated - but just make sure the treatment you’re using is veterinary advised. Generally, if your pet has never had fleas/hasn’t had fleas in a while you shouldn’t need to treat them. You treat to cure, not to prevent. Needlessly putting chemicals on an animal is not good for them, nor does it help when you do get fleas because they end up being super immune to treatment…

    Cat and dog fleas are NOT totally different…

    Cats and dogs get the same fleas. My neighbor’s dog came into our apartment a few weeks ago and had fleas. My cats then got fleas. Different fleas? Bullshit. We has to do a crazy super clean of our apartment, and used medicine on our cats to get rid of what they had.

    Also, my vet says you should use flea/tick/mosquito stuff on your dogs and cats to PREVENT them from having problems. These pests can give your pets parasites that can kill them. Heart worm and various other nasties. Then there’s the skin infections from fleas, as well as anemia. Do you want to spend a fortune treating that, or a small amount to prevent it. It’s like a vaccination.

    Lastly, some of the stuff my vet has for pest prevention resulted in violent vomiting and gave my cats really severe diarrhea. I use Biospot on them, and my vet approves. They don’t get sick from it, and just have a little itchy spot for a few days where the stuff is applied.

    Talk to your vet about options.

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    i just fucking wanted the one



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